Cass Rail Heritage Weekend 2018 – Day 3

I present Day 3 of Cass Rail Heritage Weekend 2018! In this video, you will see three active Shay locomotives strut their stuff by the Cass Depot. Make sure you turn up the sound as each engine has its own unique whistle sound. Enjoy!


Cass Rail Heritage Weekend 2018 – Day 2 Video

Once again turn up the sound, sit back and relax a take a trip up the mountain from Cass all the way to Twin Bridges. On the way, you will get off a for a few photo run-bys past Whittaker Station deep in the woods, a few more at Old Spruce before finally entering Spruce.... Continue Reading →

MTH Western Maryland 734

Western Maryland 734 holds a special place in my collection as it was the first steam locomotive I have any good memories of when I was three years old at the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. The WMSR operates on ex-Western Maryland trackage between Cumberland, MD, and Frostburg, MD. It has nearly everything you would ever... Continue Reading →


If you walked into Bone Boy’s BBQ & Catering Smokehouse in Bellevue, OH on February 7th you may have been surprised by the massive MARS light and bell on display. The Mad River & NKP Museum hosted a dining to donate event where 10% of all sales went towards Bring Back 757. The restaurant even... Continue Reading →

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