Over the past few years I have done rather a lot in the world of O-Gauge for someone my age. Here you may see the items I helped research, design, and sell. Along with layouts, videos, and more things that I have created to help further the world of model railroading.

Volunteer Work

Most railroad preservation projects rely on volunteer workers. It is hard work but rewarding. I have learned so much, met countless people and have made many new friends over the years.

Organizations I belong to –

Nickel Plate Road Historical & Technical Society – Webmaster and Technology Committee Chairman. A major project this year will be a total redesign of the website.

Lake Shore Railway Association – Volunteer. I do all of the graphic design, photography, and future video projects. When the trains run I act as a tour guide. I am very adamant on turning this organization into something big. RESTORE THE 384!

Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society – Volunteer. I plan on getting more involved now that I have time. Suffice it to say that it would be fun to be the engineer of Nickel Plate Road 765 someday!

Train Collectors Association (TCA) – I’m a member just so I can go to York.

Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) – Official Lionel Club

MTH Railroaders Club – Official club of MTH Electric Trains


My most recent project involves the legendary Lionel Electric Trains. I am now a contributor to their blog Tracks. You can read the first article by clicking the link below.

A Weekend with the N&W 611


During my time at Kent State University I created two documentaries focused on model railroading. I received a grade of A for each. One of the more enjoyable parts was going to see JDStucks’ layout in person and having my GoPro Camera Car travel over the entire railroad!

O-Gauge Models

The Nickel Plate Road City Series Sleepers

Produced for Stockyard Express LLC by MTH Electric Trains. Premier Line streamlined sleeper coaches based on the Nickel Plate Road’s fleet of streamlined sleepers named for cities along the mainline. Why did we choose these particular names? Stockyard Express LLC is located in Lorain County, Ohio, Lima for the Lima Locomotive Works, and Fort Wayne for the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society operators of NKP 765. Please note that all of these cars are long gone and are impossible to get now!

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The Nickel Plate Road RPOs

What’s a passenger train without a Railway Post Office car? Chances are it probably is not making any money. Once again we teamed up with MTH Electric Trains to create two Heavyweight RPO cars for the Nickel Plate. When the NKP bought their new streamlined equipment they decided not to spend the money on streamlined RPOs so they continued to use the originals until the end of passenger service. Car numbers are 830 and 831. 831 is owned by the FWRHS operators of NKP 765 and there is a section of every Nickel Plate Road Historical & Technical Society magazine called Car 831. Please note that all of these cars are long gone and are impossible to get now!

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The Stockyard Express Central Railroad

Nearly 6 months after I began working at Stockyard Express LLC they had to add on a new showroom! A year later I built a 16×8 foot layout to showcase common model railroad building techniques such as creating scenery, wiring buildings and accessories, track design, and super detailing.

Product Videos and YouTube Channels

Over the years I have produced a large number of videos featuring products from MTH Electric Trains, Lionel Electric Trains, and Weaver Models. The majority of them can be found on my own YouTube Channel and the rest can by found on the Stockyard Express LLC YouTube Channel. Many have been featured on the OGR Forum, Classic Toy Trains Reader Videos, and on MTH’s official Facebook page.

My YouTube Channel

Stockyard Express LLC Channel


In addition to videos I also created and managed all content on both the Stockyard Express website and Facebook page. Each generated a considerable increase in business for the store in a very short time.


Facebook Page

 Shows & Special Events

Over the years I have attended the local train shows at Medina, Dalton, and Kirtland along with the TCA York Train Meet held every spring and fall with Stockyard Express. Recently though I was involved with the visit of the Lincoln Funeral Train to the Lorain & West Virginia Railway operated by the Lake Shore Railway Association of which I am a member. I created the main poster/flyer for the event but my more visible role was the set up of large operational three track O-Gauge layout inside of the station. I served as an added attraction and a welcome  distraction while passengers waited to board the train hauled by the beautiful working replica steam locomotive Central Pacific #63 Leviathan.

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