I rode the Joliet Rocket with Nickel Plate Road 765 on June 17, 2017. We left a little behind schedule but once the train started moving I went to the open vestibule in our car to experience the sound of a 1944 built locomotive travel 70 MPH. The Windy City had other ideas and promptly tour off my hat which was rather sad as this was the hat I always wear on excursions. The cancellation of the photo run by did not help to lift my spirits but I settled into riding in the vestibule for the rest of the trip. After the layover at La Salle Street Station, the impromptu photo run by did make for it with a surprise wheelslip. On the return trip, I set myself in the vestibule and lo and behold I saw my hat near the crossing in the town of Mokena! I marked the location as best I could with my iPhone. After getting of the train we drove out to Mokena and walked along the tracks and there it was. The pins must of weighed it down for  3 hours but unfortunately the The Nickel Plate Road Historical & Technical Society, Inc. pin had vanished. Thankfully I can simply order a new one. We then went over to the Mokena Metra station and waited for 765 to blast through with the afternoon Joliet Rocket. This is the 100th video that I have uploaded to my Train Wizard Productions YouTube Channel!