Direct from Uncle Ray’s Trains it is my very own Norfolk Southern SD60E First Responders #911 locomotive! This is the only one of the three specially painted SD60Es that I have had the pleasure of seeing in real life, thanks to the engineer friend who was running it that day and it was only fitting that I should add it to my collection. Lionel may have cataloged them first but MTH delivered first. When you listen to the PFA (Passenger/Freight Announcement) you will even hear the voices of Mike Wolf of MTH, Wick Moorman of Norfolk Southern, and I think the third one is Andy Edleman also of MTH. Something that Lionel versions will definitely not have!

You will go for a ride around the layout in this video where you will most of the new Lionel Remote/Command Fastrack switches in place. The reverse loop is now complete all that is left now track-wise is to install all of the yard and engine service tracks. I really like the built in wireless control since it cuts down on the amount of wires plus the hardware you would need to run them remotely.

After you have watched the MTH Premier Line 911 in action check out the real one below!