Today the Nickel Plate Road 765 deadheaded from the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society shops at New Haven, IN to the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad via Norfolk Southern. This was different from previous years as it usually took the old NKP from Fort Wayne to Bellevue to connect with the Wheeling & Lake Erie which would take it to Akron and the south end of the CVSR. Today the engine stayed on the NKP after Bellevue and switched to the old NYC mainline at Vermilion near the old GC Tower which is where the first part of the video takes place. Once on the NYC it headed for Rockport Yard and the north end of the CVSR. The second part of the video takes place behind the old Lorain Ford Plant near Amherst, OH.

As always I had a great time meeting up with new and old railfans.

Enjoy the video! Photos will be posted tomorrow.