Today is a rather exciting day as I am featured on the official Lionel Electric Trains Facebook Page! I am the latest person to be part of the #HumansforLionel campaign. You can see the actual post on Lionel’s page here at this link

Or just look at the picture above and read the full story below.

Growing up between the tracks of the former Nickel Plate Road and New York Central railroads along Ohio’s lake shore I was always watching trains. My grandfather would watch Thomas the Tank Engine and Lionel Train videos with me everyday and read train books. Naturally my first Lionel set was Thomas. As I grew up I became more involved in the hobby by building my first layout and collection. During my college years I worked at the largest O-Gauge train store in Ohio. For three years I was the youngest dealer at the TCA York Train Meets. When I was at my graduation ceremony the other workers were texting me because they needed help finding items! As I studied film and photography in college I applied those skills to both toy trains and real trains producing short documentaries, advertisements, and prints.

I’m quite the railroad historian so that led to me becoming involved with the Nickel Plate Road Historical & Technical Society, of which I am the Webmaster, and I volunteer at the Lake Shore Railway Association which hosted the Lincoln Funeral Train last year. Amazingly I was able to acquire at last minute the Lionel model of the very same train to display at the event. My home town of Amherst, OH was the sight of a major triple train wreck involving the 20th Century Limited and I am involved with the upcoming 100th Anniversary. Currently I am working on my second layout which pays homage to all the railroads that ever operated in Northeast Ohio. It’s two levels, 11×16 feet in size, and was designed to accommodate Vision Line engines like the Big Boy. I also run my own business consulting and constructing O-Gauge train layouts.

Model railroading made my life what it is today. I see myself enjoying and promoting the hobby for the rest of my life.