Today I caught Norfolk Southern SD60E #911 otherwise known as the Honoring First Responders Unit. It was leading train 15K, a westbound freight train out of Conway, PA to Bellevue, OH. A good friend of mine was the engineer, that’s his signature honk at the crossing, and he tipped me off about before heading to work. However I could not have kept up with the train’s schedule without the help of the NS Fort Wayne/Cleveland Line Facebook group where I was not the only one out chasing the 911.

Both Lionel and MTH are producing models of this one of a kind locomotive including the Veterans Unit and GoRail Unit which are of the same class. SD60Es are native only to Norfolk Southern and are part of a major rebuild program to take old locomotives and make them more efficient. NS plans to upgrade all 160 SD60 locomotives on the roster to the new specifications. Strange as it sounds I have not ordered any of these from either Lionel or MTH. Why? I have to stop somewhere since I know they will be made again in a year or two as railfan favorite locomotives will always sell no matter what.