Norfolk Southern SD70ACe #1030 is the latest MTH Premier Line locomotive to join the roster and I have to say it is one of my favorites.The real 1030 is famous for being present at the Great Gathering of NS Heritage Units where it represented the modern Norfolk Southern paint scheme along with honoring 30 years of NS with its road number. I currently have 6 of the 20 MTH NS Heritage Units and I figured it was time to get some large modern NS power in the plain black paint scheme and 1030 was the perfect choice.

The Proto-Sound 3.0 sound set has been updated from the usual SD70ACe sound set found in previous versions of the EMD SD70ACe produced by MTH Electric Trains. Specifically the start up sequence, horn and PFA sequence. The smoke unit is top notch but as this is supposed to be an environmentally friendly locomotive you just have to imagine that the turbocharger blew when it starts pouring out.

It may be unseen but one more technological advancement in this video is that I am running it with my new MTH Wifi Interface Unit and iPad app! I will be producing a video on DCS+Wifi shortly.

1030 has found itself hauling a short train of hopper cars which is a common sight in Northeast Ohio. The hopper cars are by Weaver, MTH RailKing, Premier, and Atlas. The caboose is also from MTH.

Along with watching the train in this video check out the new scenery. I was able to work on the park and NKP water tower area during my time off from the International Tree & Model Train Show. You will also notice some new platforms by the station. Once the train show is over I plan to start work on the Lower Level so make sure to check back here on my blog or follow me on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates.