All aboard for the North Pole! Climb aboard the Lionel Legacy Polar Express for a wild winter ride around the North Western Railroad. I purchased this engine and the five passenger cars last year but was unable to run them until now. Why? Well the engine was broken right out of the box from Lionel! The front and rear truck bearings were shattered during transport from Lionel. This was a common problem found on nearly all the scale Lionel 2-8-4 Berkshires released in the 2014 catalog. I was able to repair the front by just gluing the bearing back in but I had to order new rear bearings from Lionel. An easy repair but it should not have been necessary on a $1400 locomotive.

This is the 70th video that I have produced for my YouTube Channel. As of today I have 301 subscribers. So thank you all very much for watching my videos!