Nickel Plate Road 365 is a United States Railway Administration designed 0-6-0 steam switcher built by the Wheeling & Lake Erie in their Brewster, OH shops as engine #3965. This was the first MTH Premier Line Steam Locomotive and the only Premier steamer with Proto-Sound 2.0 in my collection. Initially I had difficulty running this locomotive when I first got it many years ago. It simply refused to operate over Atlas O switches. No matter what the engine would come to a dead stop whenever it reached a switch. A quick internet search at the time informed me that this was a common problem and a cure had yet to be found. So I regulated the little engine to the park area on the Old Layout to replicate real life sister engine NKP 384 which once sat in a park in Lorain, OH.

When the Lincoln Funeral Train came to the Lorain & West Virginia Railway in Wellington, OH the 365’s wait to run was over. I put it to work on the operating train display that I set up at the event where it acted as the perfect example of what NKP 384, which is sitting in the yard at the L&WV awaiting restoration, is supposed to look like.

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